Daredevil’s 11 Minute, One Take Fight Scene Isn’t Eligible for Stunt Emmy

Now that the ballot nominations are out for this year’s Emmys, some voters noticed that the elaborate fight sequence from the third season of Daredevil wasn’t on the ballot. Even though the show had been unexpectedly canceled late last year, there was some hope for some kind of silver lining recognizing the stuntwork.

It turns out, the 11-minute sequence, which had Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) fight his way out of a prison, one hallway at a time, was too long to be considered by the Emmys. Apparently, they have a three-minute limit on eligible stunt sequences, which Daredevil showrunner Erik Oleson clarified via Twitter.

The TV Academy would only allow a three minute clip, so, unfortunately, that epic oner was not eligible to be shown for stunts consideration,” Oleson’s tweet read.

In the wake of Daredevil’s cancellation, Netflix also axed Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher and Jessica Jones (which is about to premiere its third and final season). While there’s been some hope that the series could live on at Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+, it’ll be two years before development can even start to happen. In the meantime, you can still stream all three seasons of Daredevil, including that glorious 11-minute fight sequence, on Netflix.

(via ComicBook)