George R.R. Martin Teases His Next Moves After Game of Thrones Finale

A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin is still working on the last couple of books of his epic saga, even though the television transposition of his works has ended with a finale which aroused mixed reactions from the fan base. In the latest post on his personal blog, the writer opened about his additional future projects, which include five shows in development at HBO. Furthermore, he’s working on a video game in Japan.

“And me?  I’m still here, and I’m still busy,” Martin wrote. “As a producer, I’ve got five shows in development at HBO (some having nothing whatsoever to do with the world of Westeros), two at Hulu, one on the History Channel. I’m involved with a number of feature projects, some based upon my own stories and books, some on material created by others. There are these short films I am hoping to make, adaptations of classic stories by one of the most brilliant, quirky, and original writers our genre has ever produced. I’ve consulted on a video game out of Japan.”

According to SoraNews24, Martin is working close with Dark Souls and Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki on “an open-world title.”

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Then the author took on the end of his literary saga. Moving forward, will the books follow the show? Maybe. He additionally explained that the major difference between the ending of the show and the one of the books comes from the fact that he’s working in “a very different medium”.

“How will it all end? I hear people asking,” he added. “The same ending as the show? Different? Well… yes. And no. And yes… I am working in a very different medium than David and Dan, never forget. They had six hours [give or take – ed] for this final season. I expect these last two books of mine will fill 3000 manuscript pages between them before I’m done… and if more pages and chapters and scenes are needed, I’ll add them.”

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