Game of Thrones Writers Address Criticism of Season 7 Pacing

The last season of Game of Thrones was the shortest in the series’ history, featuring only 7 episodes, and unlike previous seasons it moved its main protagonists very fast in order to put them in place for the series’ finale. This drew criticism from some fans, which was a pretty drastic change from previous seasons.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-executive producer Bryan Cogman broached the subject.

We made a choice to ‘just get on with it’ last season,” Cogman said. “You can sit at home and do the math on how long it took to get the boats from Point A to Point B and whatever that was, yeah, that’s what it was. There’s always something everybody has got to graft on to and I guess that outrage was better than others, so I’ll take it.”

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Chowrunner Dan Weiss added that the ones who complained are just a small part of GoT’s huge fan base.

We don’t read a lot of that stuff,” Weiss said. “If somebody says, ‘I don’t like the way you do this,’ I have no idea what percentage of the people watching that opinion actually represents. If that opinion happens to surface louder on the internet, I still have no idea — it could be 1 percent of people that becomes an internet thing for 10 minutes and then it just seems like it’s more than 1 percent. But there’s no way of telling — nor am I interested in finding a way of finding out — how accurate those thoughts represent the broad spectrum of people watching. If you start thinking about that you’ll drive yourself crazy.”

Game of Thrones‘ 8th and final season will premiere April 14. Do you think that GoT previous season’s rhythm was too fast? Let us know in the comments section below.