Kevin Feige Was Always Confident In Avengers: Infinity War’s Ending

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige knows when to take some risks. Take Infinity War‘s ending for example. In a moment, the Mad Titan turned the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe upside down by unleashing the power of the Infinity Stones and turning some of the beloved Marvel heroes with just the snap of his fingers into dust.

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine (h/t ComicBookMovie), Feige reveals that his faith in that ending never wavered. Except for a brief moment, just before the movie’s release.

I was a hundred percent confident in that ending,” Feige said, “until about the Monday before release. Then I started to get really nervous. It was like, ‘Wait a minute: what have we done?’ For years, leading up to the release of that ending, people were going, ‘These movies are predictable. The good guy always wins.’ And for years I was thinking, ‘Just wait.’

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The choice to eliminate half of all life has considerable implications in the MCU. Moreover, Feige confirmed that adapting that moment from the comics was always one of his priorities.

We talked about that ending for years and years and years” Feige said. “It was the reason to adapt Infinity Gauntlet. What was the most shocking thing we could do? End the movie with The Snap.

On the other hand though, he doesn’t like the use of the word “cliffhanger” for the movie.

I understand why people would use that word,” he added. “But it comes to an end, and that end is, Thanos wins.

Avengers: Endgame flies into theaters on April 26. What do you think about Kevin Feige’s words? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.