Donny Cates and Tradd Moore Revive the Silver Surfer Comic

Silver Surfer‘s latest ongoing series ended just over a year ago. But the iconic hero’s comeback is already underway. announced that Silver Surfer will make his return in a new miniseries, set to debut this summer. Donny Cates and artist Tradd Moore are the creators behind Silver Surfer: Black.  Cates is currently writing Guardians of the Galaxy and Venom. Tradd’s previous work includes Luthor Strode and All-New Ghost Rider.

The miniseries will follow the Sentinel of the Spaceways following the events of Guardians of the Galaxy #1. In that particular story, he wound up in a black hole, created by the Black Order. Marvel editor Darren Shan explained the significance of the Silver Surfer’s return.

“When Donny Cates wrote the first issue of the new Guardians of the Galaxy series, we both agreed that Silver Surfer’s adventure wasn’t going to end there, that there was still more story to be told about what happened to all the cosmic heroes that got sucked into the Black Order’s wormhole,” said Shan. “But Donny’s imagination really kicked into gear when artist Tradd Moore signed on! Readers won’t realize it, but Silver Surfer: Black is a culmination of everything Donny has been writing since his Thanos run. And Tradd Moore is delivering some of the craziest visuals seen in a Marvel Comic today!”

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Some of these visuals are available in the attached gallery. This includes a variant cover illustrated by Nick Bradshaw, with the Surfer on his signature board. However, one thing fans might notice is the change to his left hand, as it now shows rainbow colors compared to silver. Could this be a change he undergoes while in the Black Hole?

What happens in the story is a mystery at this point. But fans can find out more when Silver Surfer: Black #1 arrives this June.

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