DC Lines Up Events For Batman’s 80th Anniversary

Batman has a huge anniversary on the way, with Detective Comics #1000 set to commemorate his 80th birthday. The Dark Knight originally made his debut in Detective Comics #27 way back in 1939, but continues to be just as strong as ever. And soon, he’ll get the party he deserves.

DC Comics has announced that it will host a number of celebrations worldwide. The events will kick off this weekend at SXSW in Austin, Texas with a number of festivities set to take place. Over 1.5 million bats will fly over Austin’s Congress Bridge. After that, a special exhibit will open up where fans can purchase limited edition Batman merchandise. They will also have the opportunity to celebrate with photos and a special art mural.

The “Bat-fun” continues later this month at WonderCon in Anaheim, which begins on March 30. During the convention, DC will host a number of panels that focus on the hero. One panel is called “Happy Birthday, Batman!”, and it will specifically focus on the anniversary.

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Other locations will also have special events to pay tribute to the Dark Knight. Six Flags and Warner Bros. theme parks are scheduling special Dark Knight days in August. Parks in Sao Paolo, Rome and Shanghai will also have special Batman panels and exhibits this summer as well.

Last but not least, Batman Day will be held on September 21. AT&T will team up with a number of partners for special festivities. These include specially themed 5K and 10K runs in cities across the U.S., which will feature several Bat-runners. We hope they’ll get bonus points if they run around carrying a bomb over their heads. Additionally, the Bat-Signal will be lit in several cities, so fans can see their favorite hero’s emblem glow in the sky.

Will you take part in this year’s Batman festivities? Let us know how in the comments below!