DCeased Brings a Zombie Apocalypse To the DC Universe

Nearly 15 years ago, The Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman unleashed Marvel Zombies. Now, it’s DC’s turn to deal with a zombie plague. Injustice comic writer Tom Taylor and artist Trevor Hairsine are teaming up for DCeased, a six-issue miniseries that puts DC heroes in the middle of a zombie apocalypse that they can’t stop.

While speaking to IGN, Taylor shed some light on DCeased‘s premise and revealed the source of the outbreak. Essentially, it was a plague created by Darkseid, but it proved to be too powerful even for him. Taylor also revealed that the virus spreads through anything that uses a screen, and over 600 million people will be infected by it. Even Batman may ultimately fall to it.

“Batman is definitely usually ready for anything,” said Taylor. “And this is no different. But Batman’s greatest asset, after his friends and family, is his mind. Without wanting to spoil too much, our virus affects the mind. Can Batman fight something that’s part of him?”

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Taylor went on to note that DCeased takes place outside of regular DC continuity, which will allow him to explore the ramifications of this event without having to undo it.

“While the characters are the ones everyone knows so well, this is very much its own thing,” related Taylor. “The reason being, the stakes are real. We can tell a story without holding back. No one you love is safe. Even the icons can fall.”

DCeased #1 will be released on Wednesday, May 1. Are you intrigued by the concept of Taylor and Hairsine’s superhero horror story? Let us know in the comment section below!