Armie Hammer Debunks Rumors of Batman Casting

Rumored very recently as a possible replacement for Ben Affleck in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman, Armie Hammer has confirmed that he has not been approached to take on the role.

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Speaking with Yahoo, Hammer said: “No one who can actually give me the job has asked me if I’m interested. I don’t even know if they are done — they are still working on a script. I don’t think that they are close to production but I can conclusively tell you that no one has checked my availability, which is a bummer.”

Hammer was previously cast as Batman in George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal in 2007, but the project was ultimately scrapped.

Even if Hammer never don’s the cape and cowl, the Golden Globe-nominated actor is staying busy. His upcoming projects include Dreamland, Death on the Nile, and Ben Wheatley’s remake of Rebecca. His recent credits include Hotel Mumbai and the Ruth Bader Ginsburg biographical drama On the Basis of Sex.

The Batman is set to be direceted by Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes), who joined the project shortly after Affleck’s decision to not direct the film in 2017. However, Reeves involvement came with the added caveat that he’d get to rewrite the script from scratch.

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It now appears Reeves’ script is finally coming close to a conclusion, with production set to start this November. Reeves’ story has been described as a character-driven project focusing on Batman’s experiences as the world’s greatest detective. The filmmaker has also said to expect a “Rogue’s Gallery” of villains in the movie.

The 46-year-old actor, who last portrayed Batman in 2017’s Justice League, is still slated to stay on the project as a producer. He’ll next be seen in the star-studded Netflix heist film Triple Frontier.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)