Chloe Zhao Will Direct Marvel Studios’ Eternals Movie

Recently, Marvel killed off the Eternals in Jason Aaron’s Avengers comic. But that is probably not going to last, because the Eternals are heading to the big screen. Chloe Zhao has been chosen to bring Jack Kirby’s characters to life.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Zhao will be only the second woman to direct a Marvel Studios film by herself. Zhao was apparently one of the contenders for the Black Widow movie, before Cate Shortland emerged as the director of that film. Zhao has previously directed The Rider and Songs My Brothers Taught Me. Marvel hasn’t officially commented on the news.


The Eternals were created by Kirby in 1976, which established the title characters as a nearly immortal race of super humans. Eternals and their rival race, the Deviants, were created by the alien Celestials eons ago. The Guardians of the Galaxy films have already laid the groundwork for the Celestials in the MCU. As for the Deviants, Thanos is a member of that race in the comics. Perhaps that element of Thanos’ heritage will be retained.

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Matthew and Ryan Firpo are writing the script for Eternals, which will feature both the titular race and the Deviants. However, the script will reportedly focus on the love story between the cosmically powered Ikaris and Sersi, an Eternal who lives among humans. Within the Marvel Universe, Sersi had a long stint as an Avenger during the ’90s.

THR also notes that Marvel will likely “assemble a diverse cast of various shapes and sizes.” Many of these characters are largely unknown to the general public, so there isn’t necessarily a preconceived expectations for them outside of the two leads. Now that a director has been chosen, casting should begin within the next few months.

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