Captain Marvel Gets Legends Figures From Hasbro

You’ve probably seen the record breaking Captain Marvel trailer by now and, if you are like us, you are probably pretty excited. The film shows a lot of promise and will be the last MCU film before we see the untitled fourth Avengers movie. There are tons of rumors and speculations around how Captain Marvel will tie into the current universe and whether or not she will give Thanos the justice he deserves. Until then, however, Hasbro has announced they latest entries in their line of Marvel Legends figures. These 6-inch figures from the film will be released in 2019 and can be pre-ordered right now. Check out the information and gallery below for each figure from their Amazon page:

Captain Marvel – $19.99: This Marvel Legends Series action figure includes an alternate, unmasked head and other accessories. It features multiple points of articulation for high poseability. Amazon doesn’t mention or show what the masked head looks like. Brie Larson, the actress bringing Captain Marvel to life, took to Twitter earlier this week to react to the first look at the action figure and seems curious as to what the additional head looks like as well.

Starforce Commander – $19.99: This Marvel Legends Series action figure includes Starforce Commander-inspired blaster accessory and is a part of the Build-A-Figure collection.

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Nick Fury – $19.99: This Marvel legends series action figure includes Nick fury-inspired weapon and additional accessory and is a part of the Build-A-Figure collection. Amazon doesn’t detail or show what the second accessory is but it is cool to see a close up image of young Fury with both working eyes.

Talos Skrull – $19.99: This figure doesn’t list anything special in it’s description and remains pretty vague. The product image shows what appears to be an alternate foot piece and is listed as a part of the Build-A-Figure collection as well.

All of the figures listed are described as collector’s items and give us a more detailed look at some of the biggest characters from the upcoming film. They will all be released on January 1, 2019.