The Full DC Comics December 2018 Solicitations!

The Full DC Comics December 2018 Solicitations!

The full DC Comics December 2018 solicitations

The full DC Comics December2018 solicitations have been released, and in the gallery viewer below, you can now check out all the artwork, synopses and product images for more than 80 different upcoming releases.

The new month brings some new starts for the DCU with the debut of Batman and The Outsiders by Bryan Hill and Dexter Soy, Freedom Fighters by Robert Venditti and Eddy Barrows, Martian Manhunter by Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo. Batman and The Outsiders sees the Dark Knight teaming up with Black Lightning, Katana, The Signal, and Orphan, while Freedom Fighters sees the return of fan favorites in a new 12 issue maxi-series set on Earth X. The new Martian Manhunter sees a return of the character with a compelte reinvention of the shapeshifting hero!

In addition, DC is seeing fan-favorite scribe Kelly Sue DeConnick making her debut as the new writer for Aquaman. Featuring art by Robson Rocha, the tides turn for the Sea King with a new creative team! Kelly Sue and Robson take the rudder to steer Aquaman into uncharted waters. In the wake of “Drowned Earth,” an amnesiac Arthur washes ashore on a remote island, and ends up being cared for by a young woman named Callie, who’s just a little TOO curious for comfort. And as a lifetime of horror movies has taught us, there’s something strange going on in this island village. Aquaman needs to come to his senses quickly…or he might wind up sleeping with the fishes instead of chatting with them.

You can also check out the DC Comics November 2018 solicitations from last month and check back soon to see what December will be bringing from Marvel Comics.

Which of the DC Comics November 2018 solicitations are you most excited for? What items would you like to see announced from DC Comics next month? Let us know in the comments below!