UPDATE: Alec Baldwin Drops Out of Playing Thomas Wayne in Joker

UPDATE: Previous comments made by actor Alec Baldwin (Mission: Impossible – Fallout, The Departed) made it sound like he was clarifying his role in Todd Phillips’ Joker origin movie as Thomas Wayne (the father of Bruce Wayne/Batman) simply not being “a cheesy and tanned businessman who is more in the mold of 1980s Donald Trump” as reported in the trades. Now Baldwin has clarified to USA Today that he has dropped out of the Warner Bros. Pictures film entirely due to scheduling issues.

“I’m no longer doing that movie,” Baldwin said, adding “I’m sure there are 25 guys who can play that part.”

Here was Baldwin’s previous Tweet on the subject from earlier today…

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Baldwin previously portrayed the classic pulp hero, The Shadow, back in the ’90s but is now best known for his stint on 30 RockThe Departed, and the two most recent Mission: Impossible movies.

It remains to be seen if the son of Baldwin’s Thomas Wayne will appear in the film.

Phillips is co-writing and directing the Joker film. It will explore the life of a man destined to become Gotham City’s Clown Prince of Crime. The story takes place in the ’80s, outside of the DC Extended Universe series of films. Early word suggests that Joker‘s tone is being compared to Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy. That’s fitting, because Scorsese is also co-producing the Joker movie.

Joaquin Phoenix is slated to play the title character of Joker, with Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz and Marc Maron playing supporting roles. Joker will begin shooting in two weeks, and it is expected to hit theaters on October 4, 2019.