Exclusive Preview: Venom: First Host #1 Reveals the Symbiote’s Hidden Past

Years ago, Eddie Brock bonded with an alien Symbiote after it was rejected by Peter Parker. Together, Eddie and the Symbiote became Venom, the sworn enemy of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. However, neither Peter nor Eddie were the first to wield Venom’s power. And we’re not counting the Deadpool retcons either! Instead, Marvel’s upcoming Venom: First Host will introduce the titular host and bring him back into Venom’s orbit.

In our exclusive preview from Venom: First Host #1, writer Mike Costa and artist Mark Bagley reveal how the Symbiote was first taken from its homeworld. Shortly thereafter, we see the First Host in action as he reveals his true power. This scene takes place during the Kree-Skrull War, which suggests that the First Host was more recently bonded with Venom than we may have been led to believe.

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Presumably, Costa and Bagley will also explain how the First Host and the Venom Symbiote were separated. At some point, the Symbiote was taken to Battleworld during the original Secret Wars. That’s where Spider-Man found it, and used it to create his first black costume. However, Spidey rejected the Symbiote when it tried to permanently bond with him. Considering the way the Symbiote takes rejection, it may not be happy to see the First Host if they had parted on bad terms.

Here’s the official description from Marvel: “MIKE COSTA AND MARK BAGLEY REUNITE FOR A VENOM STORY UNLIKE ANY OTHER! Before the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN…before VENOM… There was the FIRST HOST. And that First Host has returned in need of Venom’s help – only by reuniting can the two avert cosmic ruin! Can Eddie and the symbiote trust one another long enough to save the galaxy, or will the FIRST HOST prove to be Venom’s undoing?!”

You can read the full exclusive preview in our gallery below. Venom: First Host #1 will be released on Wednesday, August 29.