The Walking Dead’s Negan To Join The Fight In Tekken 7

The Walking Dead’s Negan will come as part of Tekken 7’s DLC.

A recent trailer for Tekken 7 released by Bandai Namco Entertainment America reveals that The Walking Dead’s Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will be coming to the game as a playable character. Of course, he’ll be wielding his trusty barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille. Negan will come as part of Tekken 7’s season two DLC pass.

The big bad will be one of 43 characters players can choose in Tekken 7, the ninth installment of the long-running fighting game series. Other playable characters include franchise favorites like Anna Williams and Lei Wulong. As you can see below, while the trailer shows both Williams and Wulong two in action, we’re only given the slightest glimpse of Negan himself.

Negan first made his appearance on-screen in The Walking Dead’s sixth season. His charismatic, brutal nature helped turn him into the show’s principle villain all the way through the eighth season, where he was finally defeated by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Despite his defeat and subsequent imprisonment, Negan will still play a crucial role in AMC’s long-running zombie series throughout its upcoming ninth season.

Morgan was most recently seen on the big-screen playing smooth-talking government agent Harvey Russell in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s 2018 monster movie, Rampage.