James Franco and Simon Kinberg Team Up for Multiple Man Movie

Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox is developing another new X-Men spin-off movie with James Franco set to star as Jamie Madrox, aka Multiple Man.

Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg is attached to pen the script for the film which has Kinberg, currently in post-production on X-Men: Dark Phoenix, attached to produce.

First created by Len Wein, Chris Claremont, and John Buscema in the pages of Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4, Multiple Man’s powers are quite self explanatory: He’s capable of making duplicate copies of himself which he can reabsorb along with their memories and experiences. Unfortunately the hero’s powers have sometimes backfired and caused the character to lose his mind. The character’s duplicates are sometimes capable of running off on their own to not only persue their own interests but also to create a life for themselves. Others tow the line of being evil as well.

Multiple Man previously appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand where he was portrayed by actor Eric Dane.

The X-Men film franchise is heating up like never before at the studio, with 2018 marking the biggest year yet for the series. The New Mutants will be released by the studio on April 13, with Deadpool 2 following on June 1, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix debuting November 2.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)