Shia LaBeouf Almost Starred in Suicide Squad

Warner Bros.‘ Suicide Squad famously had one method actor in Jared Leto, whose antics of “getting into character” as the clown prince of crime made a number of headlines, but there was almost another among its ranks in Shia LaBeouf. The role that eventually went to Scott Eastwood in the film was originally LaBeouf’s to lose, as Ayer (his director on the 2014 war film Fury) reportedly tried to convince him to take it.

“The character was different initially,” LaBeouf tells Variety. “Then Will (Smith) came in, and the script changed a bit. That character and Tom (Hardy’s) character (later played by Joel Kinnaman) got written down to build Will up.”

The actor went on to detail why he believes he didn’t get the role, citing the studio.

“I don’t think Warner Bros. wanted me… I went in to meet, and they were like, ‘Nah, you’re crazy. You’re a good actor, but not this one.’ It was a big investment for them.”

Also starring Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall StreetFocus), Viola Davis (The HelpDoubt), Jai Courtney (Insurgent), Jay Hernandez (Takers), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Thor: The Dark World), Ike Barinholtz (Neighbors), Cara Delevingne (Paper Towns), Adam Beach (Cowboys & Aliens), and Karen Fukuhara, Suicide Squad has brought in over over $678 million at the global box office with over $300 million from its domestic total alone.

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