Mel Gibson Was Originally Offered the Role of Odin in Thor

Just last week, Marvel Studios confirmed that Anthony Hopkins would be reprising the role of The Allfather Odin in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, but things could have been quite different for the series when the first film was being put together in 2010…

Speaking with The Guardian (via /Film), actor Mel Gibson was asked if he’d ever been offered a part in a superhero movie and revealed he almost appeared in the 2011 film.

“Yeah, long time ago, to play Thor’s dad. But I didn’t do it.”

Digging further, Gibson was also asked what he though of modern superhero movies, as they dominate the blockbuster landscape primarily by brand name alone and not actors’ names.

“Some are good. Some are kind of funny … Guardians of the Galaxy. Or the first Iron Man. And some of them are just like retreats. I mean you can watch them do Spider-Man five times … There is a slight shift in film. But, then again, I think all films are suffering from people not being able to now open them with their name. It’s a different kind of business these days.”

What do you think the Thor films would have been like if Mel Gibson played Odin? Sound off in the comments below!

Gibson can next be seen in the action thriller Blood Father from Lionsgate later this year. Thor: Ragnarok will smash its way into theaters on November 3, 2017.

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