The 10 Best R-Rated Superhero Movies

With few exceptions, filmmakers in Hollywood have to contend with the age-old choice: If you want your movie to cost big bucks, it has to be PG-13. Nowhere is this more prevalent than among superhero movies, since parents often assume even the grimmest and grittiest entries in the genre have been properly sanitized for the kiddies.

With the recent through-the-roof success of Deadpool, which took in over $761 million at the worldwide box office, that may all be changing, with even previously kid-friendly heroes like Wolverine now getting their own “children under 17 will not be admitted” films.

With the arrival of Deadpool on Blu-ray and DVD this week, we thought we’d take the opportunity to round up some of our favorite R-rated entries in the superhero canon to show that hardcore violence, nudity and F-bombs have been standard issue for decades. Not all our picks are explicitly based on comic books, but they all seem like they were ripped from the pages of one… a really gruesome, sweary one full of psychological torment and bare breasts. 

Check out the 10 Best R-Rated Superhero Movies in the gallery below!