MIB 23: James Bobin Confirms He’ll Direct the Franchise Crossover

James Bobin confirms that he’ll direct the upcoming franchise crossover MIB 23

Back in March, word broke that James Bobin was in talks to direct the upcoming Sony Pictures Men in Black and 21 Jump Street franchise mashup, MIB 23. ComingSoon.net caught up with the director today during the London junket for Bobin’s latest, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and confirmed that Bobin will, indeed, take the reins for the unusual crossover.

“Yes, it’s very early stages, obviously,” Bobin said when asked if he had officially boarded the MIB 23 project, “but I’ve always loved the ‘Men in Black’ world. Channing [Tatum] and Jonah [Hill] in ’21 Jump Street’ are just so funny. Those guys and their world makes me laugh every time I think about it. That’s always a good sign for a film.”

“[I]t’s definitely a really interesting concept that makes you think,” Chris Miller told CS last year. “Talking about it, developing it with Jonah [Hill] and Channing [Tatum] and Rodney [Rothman] and the studio, we can’t just do the, ‘Hey, it’s the same thing again’ schtick because we did that already.”

Interestingly enough, Miller also revealed that he considers the entire roster of sequels featured in the 22 Jump Street end credits part of the official franchise continuity.

“Those are canon, all 22 sequels,” he said. “If we’re going to do something, it’s got to be different but still have that same very specific ‘Jump Street’ flavor to it.”

Check back soon for our video interviews with Bobin, Alice Through the Looking Glass star Mia Wasikowska, and producer Tim Burton. The film also stars Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen. Look for it to hit the big screen May 27.

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(Photo Credit: Joe / WENN.com)