Meet the Female Speedster Trajectory in Our Recap of The Flash Episode 2.16

Team Flash meets at a canyon to work on making Barry faster – he’ll need it to take on Zoom on Earth-2. As he prepares to make the leap, it seems like he’ll make it, but when he falls short, Cisco happens to save him with an army of drones holding a net. They return to STAR Labs where Jesse is learning about Earth-1, and Barry is eager to keep going, but the rest of the team needs brake. Cisco comes up with the idea of going dancing that night and they all agree. Jesse pesters Dr. Wells into letting her go, and he allows it on the condition she where his Meta-human detection bracelet. At the club, the group has a good time, even Iris and Wally show up, but when Jesse goes to disable her watch (as it won’t stop beeping at Barry) she discovers a message from her father recounting the time he killed Turtle to get her back. Meanwhile in the club, a speedster flies through and takes all the cash they can find, and everyone assumes it was The Flash.

Barry and Joe investigate the crime scene the next morning and Iris reveals someone snapped a photo of the speedster, and it still looks a lot like The Flash. At Central City Picture News, Iris’ boss Scott wants to crucify The Flash in a story, but Iris tries her best to cool his jets. Back at STAR Labs, Jesse confronts her father about the message she found, and he tries to cover by saying he wasn’t going to lose her. Unfortunately for him, Jesse says she doesn’t even recognize him anymore and takes off. The team reassembles in the main hub of the lab where Barry continues his quest to go faster, especially sicne the new speedster in town is faster than he. They let slip about the Velocity-9, and though Barry wants to take it, the group preaches the dangers of using it. It was killing Jay after all. As they argue, Cisco vibes and sees Zoom standing in a dark room. Perhaps his most vague vibe to date. An alert goes off that the speedster is making a mess of things and Barry goes to stop her, but he is quickly knocked down. She does slow down long enough for him to see it’s a girl, but that her costume is like his.

At STAR, Barry says the speedster knew what she was doing, and the group theorizes that someone with access to STAR Labs may have helped this person. Caitlin remembers when they were creating the serum and she asked a friend, Eliza Harmon of Mercury Labs, for help. She and Joe go to see her and ask if she’s heard anything, but when Eliza reveals Mercury isn’t the most secure place they leave empty handed. Back at CCPN, Iris continues her quest to try and stall Scott in publishing the Anti-Flash story. Meanwhile, Eliza starts hearing voices, blaming the other voice for getting them hooked on V9. The evil side of her counters that it’s Caitlin’s fault, so the over-achieving do-gooder takes a hit of the V9 and heads off to find more.

Barry finds the V9 at Star Labs and considered taking it, only for Dr. Wells to stop him and tell him he will lose part of his humanity by compromising his values. Knowing he’s right, Barry drops the vial and it shatters. Right on cue though, the speedster runs into STAR, locks Barry in the pipeline, and returns to the hub, demanding more V9. Caitlin quickly figures out that it’s Eliza, but she corrects her that she’s not Eliza, she’s Trajectory. As she does her villain monologue, Cisco vibes and sees Zoom once again. Growing impatient, Trajectory takes Jesse hostage, forcing Dr. Wells to agree to make more. Meanwhile at the less-exciting Jitters, Iris and Scott get cofee and he explains how he took down a man everyone thought was great, hence his suspicion of The Flash. He makes it clear he thinks this is a date too, but when Iris lets him know it isn’t, he quickly bolts.

The team brings Trajectory three vials of V9, but to make sure they didn’t lace it with something, she injects Jesse with it before leaving. Jesse starts seizing and Wells says she needs a blood transfusion, luckily he’s a match for her weird Earth-2 blood type. Later Jesse is stable and Dr. Wells tries to apologize for what he’s done. She counters that he doesn’t even realize when he’s making this bad decisions and how they effect other people. Caitlin reveals she put a tracker in the V9 and they see Trajectory is running up and down the Central City bride, creating friction and putting it on the edge of collapse. Barry arrives and saves all the people stuck on the bridge, only to have Trajectory collapse the structure. Getting in place, Barry prepares to the long jump like at the top of the episode and this time, you guessed it, he makes it. He tackles Trajectory on his way down and tries to talk her into giving it up and not taking anymore. It’s a nice speech, but it doesn’t work, she takes the drug and runs off. As he lightning turns blue, she begins to dissolve, leaving behind just her costume.

The next day, Scott compliments Iris on her story of The Flash defeating the female speedster, and she hints that she’s not opposed to a real date this time. Dr. Wells goes looking for Jesse at STAR Labs and finds a message from her, saying she’s going off into the world by herself, and doesn’t need his help. Later the team figures out what happened to Trajectory, the cellular degeneration from using the V9 accelerated and she just went poof. Barry comments on the blue lightning and says that the V9 turns lightning blue. This gets all the wheels turning. Is Zoom sick? Is he addicted to V9 too? Is that why he needs Barry’s speed? As everyone gets suspicious, Cisco reveals his recent vibes, all of which have happened near Jay’s helmet. He vibes once again and sees the villain unmask himself, confirming their worst fears. In true superhero fashion, Barry runs away and screams in the woods at the discovery.

You can watch a preview for next week’s episode, titled “Flash Back,” in the player below.