Disney Infinity 3.0 Launch Trailer Goes to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Disney Infinity 3.0 is available now

Disney Interactive has debuted the launch trailer for Disney Infinity 3.0, the latest entry in their toys-to-life game series, which you can check out in the player below.

In addition, we spoke to Jeff Bunker, the vice president of Art Development for The Walt Disney Company, about the title which has been in the works since before the first game was released.

“First of all, we were super excited just to start developing the game but we were having to keep it a secret for too long,” Bunker told us. “We’re just really excited to have the public get a hold of this and play our game, I feel like we’ve really improved the game in every way. We’re just excited to have our fans get it in their hands and play it.”

One of Bunker’s primary responsibilities for the title was cultivating not only which characters would be playable in the game, but also the various poses that fans will find the toys standing in. Bunker revealed that when choosing the characters, there are two places they look first, the fans and the filmmakers.

“Our community is very important to us. Obviously, without our community I feel like we end up losing momentum and we just die on the vine. So we were really excited to see what the community is asking for, what expectations of any fan of any particular brand would want, so it always starts there and any of the Inside Out or Star Wars players, that any fan of that property is going to want to play with, we feel like we need to provide. Then we talk to the filmmakers themselves. We talked to the people at Lucasfilm because obviously they know their characters and stories better than we do and it would be ridiculous to not pay attention to what they have to say. And I guess the third influence is, what do we want to make? We have a lot of fans in our studio that have pretty strong opinions and that definitely comes into play a little bit. I think primarily it’s based on what the community wants and what he creators of the different characters want to see.”

It’s not all Star Wars in the latest version of the game though, as a four-player play set titled “Marvel Battlegrounds” was announced at D23. We asked Bunker what we can expect from the set.

“I think that the key to that is you can expect to be able to play in that with any of the Marvel characters, which is unlike any of the play sets we’ve had previously. We’ve been making this in a way that is very accessible and it’s going to be a blast to play with and is going to accentuate the differences of the different characters, so it’s going to be a lot of fun… (Four player co-op) is a huge thing for us, Infinity is intended to be played as a multiplayer game and there’s a lot of kids that don’t have access to network games the way we’d like them to. So most games are played on the couch, and up until now it’s always been two player. We’re excited to make that a four player experience.”

Bunker went on to confirm that the four-player co-op will be local to player’s consoles, but when pressed for how this feat will be pulled off, be it multiple toy pads or other means, he simple said: “Well, we’ll leave that for later.”

Disney Infinity 3.0 is available now in stores around the world. You can order your own copy by clicking here.