Fantastic Four Drops 69% In Its Second Weekend

20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four takes a 69% nosedive in its second weekend

As the summer winds down, so do the superhero movies at the box office and things weren’t looking up for 20th Century Fox‘s Fantastic Four in its second weekend.

In fact, it was looking quite down, as it took a massive plunge in its second weekend, down 69% to $8 million for fourth place. That’s on par with second-week drops for other poorly-reviewed superhero movies like Fox’s Elektra and Ang Lee’s The Hulk, but its $42 million gross so far and the fact that it’s unlikely to even gross $80 million domestically is not a good sign for 20th Century Fox going ahead with a sequel. 

Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man (Disney) took sixth place with $5.5 million and a $158 million domestic gross in five weeks. The $189 million it has grossed overseas brings its global total to $347 million, which isn’t great compared to other Marvel movies but is pretty good for a movie called “Ant-Man.”

Also, in other office news, Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation dropped to second place with an estimated $17 million, down 40% in its third weekend, as its domestic total is now $138.1 million. It managed to hold off Guy Ritchie’s spy movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which settled for third place with $13.5 million.