Most Craved on The MCU’s New Spider-Man

Major news came out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe earlier this week, as it was officially announced that 19-year-old Tom Holland will play Peter Parker in several upcoming films, including a debut in next summer’s Captain America: Civil War and, in 2017, his own solo film. What’s more, the latter now has a helmer in Jon Watts, the director of the upcoming thriller Cop Car. What does this pairing mean for the MCU? We’re speculating on what kind of web the new Spider-Man will weave in this week’s all-new episode of Most Craved. Check it out in the player above!

Also this week, “Hannibal” fans got some worrisome news when NBC announced that they are cancelling the series after the end of the currently-airing third season. Can fans work together to save the show and find it a new home? We’re sending out the #SaveHannibal rallying cry! 

Tragically, this week also saw the loss of renowned composer James Horner, responsible for scoring films like Aliens, Titanic, Field of Dreams and many more. We’re each sharing our favorite Horner score in memory of a true Hollywood legend.

This week’s hosts include William Bibbiani of CraveOnlineJenna Busch of Legion of Leia and our our own Silas Lesnick, but don’t let the conversation stop with us! We want to hear your own thoughts on not just these topics but on anything you’d like to see the show cover in the future. Let us know in the comments below! We’ve also launched the official Most Craved Twitter feed and we’d love it if you’d give us a follow! You can watch previous Most Craved episodes by clicking here.