What If Man of Steel Was in Color?

2013’s Man of Steel may have helped launch the new DC cinematic universe, but it also left a bad taste in a lot of fan’s mouths. Director Zack Snyder’s decision to co-opt Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight aesthetics made this a much grimmer vision of Superman than previously envisioned, but now VideoLab has shown us what a sunnier Supes might have looked like in their new video “What if Man of Steel was in Color?” Check it out below!

jThis may not please our more hardcore readership that loves Snyder’s dour image grading, but those who grew up on the comics and Richard Donner movies will no doubt find this video a breath of fresh air, and might even wish VideoLab could release the full color cut to the public. It would be, as the saying goes, a sight for sore eyes.