Marvel and Telltale Games Teaming Up for New Project

World-renowned game makers Telltale Games are teaming up with the house of ideas at Marvel for an unnamed new game series they announced tonight. Though a title or any clues to the nature of the project were not disclosed, the title is set to debut in 2017.

Marvel Games creative director Bill Roseman said the title will “strive for authenticity, feel exquisite and sexy, and will be celebrated by Marvel fans.”

“If it doesn’t turn heads, if it doesn’t get you excited to talk with your friends, it’s not a Marvel game. It has to command attention,” executive producer Mike Jones added.

Telltale Games has had quite a bit of experience in creating comic book-based content after their critically-acclaimed “The Walking Dead” and “The Wolf Among Us,” but have also released games based on “Back to the Future,” ‘Jurassic Park,” and “Game of Thrones.” It’s unclear what the project will be, but check back here for more updates as we learn them. In the meantime, sound off with what you hope the game will be in the comments below!