Is Tron 3 Shooting in Vancouver This Fall?

Although Joseph Kosinski has long been attached to helm a big screen follow-up to his 2010 TRON Legacy, news from the grid has been fairly quiet these past few years. That appears to changing today, however, as Vancouver-based VanCity Buzz is reporting that TRON 3 is gearing up for a fall shoot! We’ve heard rumblings recently that a new TRON feature was being eyed at the studio, but we have not as of yet received any official confirmation. According to the outlet, however, cameras will roll beginning October 5!

According to the outlet, Garrett Hedlund is attached to reprise his role as Sam Flynn. Although her name isn’t listed, it’s hard to imagine the story continuing from where it left off in TRON Legacy without Olivia Wilde’s Quorra returning as well.

Released in 1982, the original TRON underperformed at the box office, but nonetheless managed to find an important place in pop culture over the next few decades. The sequel was scripted by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz from a story they developed with Brian Klugman and Lee Sternhal, based in turn on characters created by Bonnie MacBird and original TRON helmer Steven Lisberger. That film’s worldwide box office exceeded $400 million.

What would you like to see in a new TRON film? Are there more characters from the TRON universe you’d like to see return? Share your thoughts in the comments below!