Groot Getting His Own Comic Series This Summer

Marvel Comics has announced that his divine majesty King Groot, Monarch of Planet X, custodian of the branch worlds, ruler of all the shades, will be spinning out of the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy into his very own comic series this summer. Writer Jeff Loveness and artist Brian Kesinger will debut the title which is set to begin in June.

“There’s a huge language barrier between Groot and the rest of the Marvel Universe,” notes Loveness. “He may be a kind-hearted soul to us, but to a stranger, he’s just a terrifying tree-monster. He’s bound to get in trouble because of people judging him before they know him…But Groot’s an optimist. He’s a wide-eyed optimist in a universe that doesn’t always reward such an attitude. Groot’s going to be in the worst situation of his life, but maybe Groot knows something about the universe that we don’t. Maybe he knows what it’s actually all about—that’s what gives him the strength to be an optimist.

“Overall, it’s a story about overcoming your own handicaps in life. Maybe you’re lonely. Maybe you can’t speak properly. Maybe you’re a giant space tree who’s best friends with a raccoon. Every Marvel character, no matter how big or outlandish, is based on an emotional truth, and I’m really looking forward to exploring the truth behind Groot…Also, they’re going to fight space sharks.”

This mark’s Groot’s first ever ongoing solo series and leaves Drax the Destroyer as the only core Guardians member without his own solo comic series, though that could certainly change soon. Check out the preview are of the series and let us know your thoughts below!