Gamora, Yondu and Cosmo Voices Revealed for Marvel’s Animated Guardians of the Galaxy

Yesterday brought the reveal of some key cast members for Marvel’s upcoming animated “Guardians of the Galaxy” series. Marvel has now announced two more cast members, including Vanessa Marshall as Gamora and James Arnold Taylor as both Yondu and Cosmo. The pair join Will Friedle as Peter Quill, AKA Star-Lord, David Sobolov as Drax the Destroyer, Kevin Michael Richardson as Groot, and Trevor Devall as Rocket Raccoon. 

Vanessa Marshall has a long history of voice acting as she currently provides the voice of Hera on “Star Wars Rebels” and has previously voiced Black Canary on “Young Justice,” Black Widow on “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” and Mary Jane Watson on “The Spectacular Spider-Man.” James Arnold Taylor has also voiced a number of Marvel characters including The Leader on “Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.” Harry Osborn in “The Spectacular Spider-Man,” plus a number of characters in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes as well as Barry Allen in “Young Justice” and both Green Lantern and Green Arrow on “Batman: The Brave and The Bold.”

Produced by Marvel Television, the series stars Peter Quill as Star-Lord, the brash adventurer who, to save the universe from its greatest threats, joins forces with a quartet of disparate misfits – fan-favorite Rocket Raccoon, a tree-like humanoid named Groot, the enigmatic, expert fighter Gamora and the rough-edged warrior Drax the Destroyer. The series will premiere in 2015 on the Marvel Universe programming block on Disney XD.

You can check out the cast introducing themselves and their voices for the characters in the videos below.