Chris Evans and Chris Pratt Make Good on Super Bowl Bet

Prior to yesterday’s Super Bowl XLIX, Marvel Studios stars Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) made a friendly bet regarding the outcome. Evans, a Patriots fan, and Pratt, a Seahawks devotee, agreed to attend a local children’s hospital/home of the winner’s choice in the full costume of their respective characters.

Following the end of the game, in which the Patriots emerged victorious, the pair tweeted out that they would in fact be visiting both Seattle Children’s Hospital and Christopher’s Haven in Boston in costume, albeit with a slight modification to the Star-Lord outfit. 


In addition, the two set up fundraising pages for both of their foundations with Team Pratt bringing in $8,372.23 and Team Evans over $10,220. Though there’s no confirmation about when their characters will meet on the big screen (though Avengers: Infinity War is a good bet), check back here soon for any images of their in-costume visits soon!