Meet the Time-Traveling Avengers of Marvel’s Ultron Forever

Even though Marvel is getting ready for the world-combining Secret Wars next year, the publisher has announced plans (via LA Times) for a new-three part series to debut in 2015 pitting a collection of different Avengers together to take on one of their oldest foes, Ultron.

Spinning out of the events of this year’s Avengers #31, “Ultron Forever” will debut next year in three 30 page issues under the Avengers: Ultron Forever, New Avengers: Ultron Forever, and Uncanny Avengers: Ultron Forever titles. Al Ewing of Mighty Avengers and Loki: Agent of Asgard will pen the series, which sees Wolverine and Savage Hulk artist Alan Davis on pencils.

The team in the story will travel through time via Doctor Doom’s time machine to a future where Ultron has won, but he’ll meet his match in this team which consists of the current iterations of Black Widow, the Vision and the new female Thor in addition to the Walt Simonson version of Thor, a pre-Avengers Stan Lee version of the Hulk, a pre-War Machine James Rhodes as Iron Man, and a never-before-seen future Captain America, Danielle Cage, the daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. 

“My first thing with teams is if you put two of them in a room together, have you got a story? And I think with this bunch, it’s definitely true,” Ewing said. “There are in the story reasons why they’ve been taken from the particular times and places they have been. It turns out to have bearing on the story.”

The trio of issues will debut in April and May of next year, just in time for Marvel Studios’ next film Avengers: Age of Ultron which hits theaters on May 1, 2015.

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