Marvel Comics Reveals Most Interesting Tease for Summer 2015 with X-Men ’92

For the past three weeks, Marvel Comics have been releasing new teasers every weekday for their big event series in the summer of 2015. Many of them have been eyebrow raising, some confusing, and others potentially maddening. Marvel had our curiosity, but now they have our attention. brings the latest teaser, which is for a series titled X-Men ’92. The teaser art shows much of the core X-Men team from the fan-favorite animated series that ran from 1992-97. It would appear Marvel is taking a page from DC’s book by continuing the adventures of a completed TV series in comic book form, as DC has done with both Batman ’66 and the upcoming Wonder Woman ’77. Marvel is no stranger to including older cartoons in current storylines though, as the 1980s series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends recently made an appearance in the “Spider-verse” storyline.

What’s peculiar about the addition of X-Men ’92 is how it will fit in with all of the previously-revealed teasers, which have all mostly been past storylines from the comics, albeit with a bit of a twist, such as Civil War, Planet Hulk, Years of Future Past, and others. X-Men ’92, however, only has precedent as a TV series. Could we be seeing Marvel include older shows (and possibly even movies?) in their summer 2015 event? Sound off with your thoughts below!