Female Director Sought for Wonder Woman

Warner Bros. pictures officially announced earlier this month that a Wonder Woman feature film is on the way with Gal Gadot in the lead. Now, the search is on a for a director and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, they’re looking for one with two X chromosomes.

Female directors in Hollywood are in notoriously short supply, although there are some genuine exceptions to that unfortunate statistic. Kathryn Bigelow won an Academy Award for her The Hurt Locker while Jennifer Yuh’s Academy Award-nominated Kung Panda 2 amassed more than $665 million at the worldwide box office. As far as superheroes go, Lexi Alexander directed Punisher: War Zone while Patty Jenkins was initially attached to Marvel Studios’ Thor: The Dark World. We’ve also seen a few actresses recently make the jump to the other side of the camera with Angelina Jolie about to release her second feature, Unbroken, and Elizabeth Banks taking on next year’s Pitch Perfect 2.

Wonder Woman is set for release on June 23, 2017. Who would you like to see in the director’s chair? Share your thoughts in the comments below!