Is Fox Bringing X-Men to Television?

If rumors today from Bleeding Cool are to be believed, the ever-growing slate of small screen comic book adaptations is about to get a dose of Marvel’s merry mutants. The outlet reports a rumor that Fox is already hard at work bringing X-Men to television. No additional details are available, although the site speculates that an announcement could happen as early as this week during New York Comic Con.

Outside of a variety of animated versions, the X-Men have three times before been adapted for live-action television. Generation X, loosely based on the X-Men comic book series of the same name, was developed as a pilot for a series that did not move forward. It aired as a telefilm in 1996. Later, in 2000, Fox created an “in-universe” special, “The Mutant Watch” to help promote Bryan Singer’s original film. That special can be found on the current X-Men Blu-ray. Finally, “Mutant X” aired for three seasons, beginning in 2001. Although it was based on the comic book of the same name, efforts were made to separate the series from the big screen franchise.

Of course, television is also tied to X-Men through the Mojoverse, a parallel dimension connected to the comics’ 616-reality wherein all the denizens are obsessed with “reality” programming. There, the X-Men have a hit “spinoff,” in the form of the “the X-Babies.’ You can learn more about that strange offshoot of X-history at Marvel’s official site.

What would you like to see from an X-Men TV series? What team should it follow? Should it tie to the big screen continuity? Share your thoughts below!