Rocksteady Hopes Fans Call Batman: Arkham Knight ‘The Ultimate Batman Simulator’

Warning: Spoilers for Batman: Arkham City below.

If everything had gone according to plan, we would be just a few weeks away from the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, but as big video games are want to do, the title saw a delay in release. IGN recently spoke Rocksteady’s marketing manager Guy Perkins who was eager to assure us that the game will be worth the wait.

“If people walk away thinking this is the ultimate Batman simulator, then our job is complete,” he said. “We gave them Gotham City, we gave them Batman at the height of his powers and we gave them the Batmobile. I think those three elements come together to make a great game. If people go away feeling like it was awesome, we’ve done a good job.”

Perkins also went on to discuss the implications of the game which for the first time in the “Arkham” series won’t have The Joker at the forefront. Not only will his absence be felt by Batman, but it will be exploited by the other villains.

“The death of the Joker at the end of Arkham City has created a different world for the criminals of Arkham Knight. He’s not there to disrupt the things they’re doing, so you have to imagine a world where he’s not there and not causing that chaos. They can get organised, work together and offer a more formidable challenge. He’s at the peak of his powers, but without his nemesis there to cock things up for everyone else then they get the chance to be a bit stronger, a bit braver and do things differently.”

Joker might be gone but Scarecrow, notably absent from “Arkham City,” will be stepping into the shoes of the “big bad” for next year’s final chapter.

“Joker going was a challenge, but we left Scarecrow out of Arkham City for a reason so he’s back in as the big bad and it’s great for us to bring him back. He has so many iconic moments in the first game, to have him back as the Big Bad is really cool. He’s a great mirror for Batman, as they both use fear as a weapon of choice. There’s a dichotomy there. Then working with DC to bring the Arkham Knight to life has been amazing. We were super excited and it’s been a huge honour for us to do something this big.”

Batman: Arkham Knight will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 2, 2015.