DC Comics to Relaunch Teen Titans Once Again this July

Back in September of 2011, DC Comics made quite the splash when they debuted “The New 52” as a relaunch of their comic universe. Many titles have come and gone since then, but today DC announced that one of their recently-canceled titles, “Teen Titans,” will actually be coming back as a brand new series this July, making it the first relaunched title of “The New 52.”

Written by Will Pfeifer with art by Kenneth Rocafort, Newsarama reports that the new “Teen Titans” series will have only five members, including: Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker, and Beast Boy.

“We’re really trying to do something different with this series, to look at superheroes from a different angle and explore their lives in a whole new way,” Pfeifer said. If they existed in our desperate-for-entertainment world, superheroes would be the biggest celebrities on the planet, the focus of all sorts of unwanted attention and threats of all kinds. Having a group of teens navigate that sort of world – while, at the same time they’re trying to save it – is the sort of comic book I’d want to read – even if I weren’t writing it.”

Teen Titans #1 will debut this July, you can check out the cover to the first issue by Kenneth Rocafort below. Will you be picking up the new series?