Captain America: The Winter Soldier Grosses $10.2 Million From Thursday Previews

A week after its international debut, Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures opened its fourth sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier in North America on Thursday night for early previews. Once again starring Chris Evans as the Star Spangled Avenger, joined by Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Robert Redford and more, the highly-rated, critically-acclaimed superhero movie brought in an estimated $10.2 million from those screenings.

By comparison, Marvel Studios’ last movie Thor: The Dark World grossed $7.1 million in Thursday previews and midnights last November before opening to $85.7 million domestically and grossing $633.3 million worldwide.

Marvel Studios’ other 2013 release, Iron Man 3, did $15.6 million in Thursday previews, while Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel grossed $9 million in Thursday previews a few weeks later. Both of them opened with over $100 million with Iron Man 3 becoming the second-highest movie opening domestically after The Avengers.

Of course, it’s hard to make solid comparisons without knowing exactly how many theaters and showings Captain America: Winter Soldier had compared to those other movies, as well as determining whether it might be more frontloaded with Marvel fans rushing out to see the movie based on the positive reviews and early buzz.

Either way, it’s looking like “Cap” is guaranteed to overrun the current April opening record of $86.2 million set by Fast Five in 2011 and is on its way to an opening well above $90 million and possibly close to $100 million or more.

Marvel’s latest had passed the $100 million mark internationally even before opening in North America last night.

If you’ve already seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier, let us know what you thought right here. If you haven’t seen the movie, what are you waiting for?