Marvel Bringing ‘Every Spider-Man Ever’ Together for New Event

Marvel Comics announced today that beginning this November in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #9, we’ll get to see every Spider-Man ever come together for one gigantic story called “Spider-Verse.”

“This is every Spider-Man ever teaming up, or fighting each other,” said series writer Dan Slott. “Some won’t get along. It’s a Spider-Man story on a scale we have never seen before. Epic in its scope….The thing is, every Spider-Man ever wasn’t enough,” Slott added. “We’re bringing in even more. New ones that you’ve never seen before.”

Slott will write the five-issue story with artist Olivier Coipel providing the pencils. The story will re-introduce the villain Morlun as the antagonist for the series, though there may be a more sinister villain in the background.

“He is the initial antagonist of this story,” editor Nick Lowe said. “Morlun is one of my favorite Spidey villains, certainly one of my favorites of the more recently created villains–the last fifteen years. One of the things I love about Morlun is he always kicks the crap out of Spider-Man. I feel Spider-Man is never closer to defeat when he’s facing Morlun. This is the biggest Morlun story you’ve ever seen. It’s going to mess him up in ways you’ve never seen before.”

Check out some of the preview art for Spider-Verse below.