Fox Dates The Fantastic Four 2, a Wolverine Sequel and a Mystery Marvel Project!

20th Century Fox is doing some serious forward-thinking as far as their portion of the Marvel Universe is concerned. The studio has just announced that James Mangold’s sequel to The Wolverine will hit on March 3, 2017 with The Fantastic Four 2 coming to theaters on July 14, 2017. They’ve also set a just-announced mystery Marvel project for July 18, 2018.

All of these dates are newly claimed territory on the release schedule and will follow the studio’s X-Men: Days of Future Past this May 23rd, X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27, 2016 (both directed by Bryan Singer) and Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four on June 19, 2015.

There’s no word yet on what the mystery Marvel film might be, but the studio is also believed to be developing an X-Force film with Jeff Wadlow directing.

The studio has also moved Matthew Vaughn’s non-Marvel Universe comic book project, The Secret Service, even earlier from its originally-announced March 6, 2015 release to October 24 of this year. That will have it opening opposite the horror releases Ouija and Paranormal Activity 5. Ken Scott’s new comedy, formerly titled Business or Pleasure, is now title-less and will take The Secret Service‘s original March 6, 2015 date.