Hasbro Previews Their Captain America: The Winter Soldier Line

Some of the toys already came out earlier this year, but we got a few pictures of what’s coming up including some of the role play toys and vehicles that will be released in the spring. Action figures from the movie include new molds of Captain America, Black Widow, plus adding toys for the new villain The Winter Soldier and Cap’s new ally The Falcon. Other figures that may not appear in the movie include the Red Skull, complete with Cosmic Cube, as well as the Marvel NOW! Captain America with the first wave of the 6″ Infinite Series action figure having a “build a figure” for a giant-sized Mandroid, which doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see it in the movie.

Of course, role play is a large part of Hasbro’s initiative for the upcoming Captain America sequel, and they have two key components: a new Battle Helmet and a new Stealthfire Shield, which you can see demoed below:

You can check out the photo gallery of some of the action figures from Captain America: The Winter Soldier below, bearing in mind that some of the figures may not be directly taken from the movie.

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