More Hasbro Guardians of the Galaxy Toys!

More Hasbro Guardians of the Galaxy Toys!Toy Fair 2014 starts officially on Sunday, February 16, but as they've done for the past seven years, Hasbro kicked things off with their annual Collectors Fan Event, and while there were a lot of cool new toys and action figures from the Transformers and Star Wars lines, they saved the best for last with the toys connected to the upcoming Marvel Comics movies. The excitement was particularly palpable for the first look at the toys from James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy since we had only seen one posted with posed shots of the action figures for the five key characters. (If you missed it, you can see that poster here.)

They had a lot more to show during the presentation and in the showroom, including the first three vehicles: Star-Lord's Milano Starship, Rocket Raccoon's Warbird as well as a Nova Corps Starblaster.

The star of the new Guardians line has to be the Big Blastin' Rocket Raccoon, a larger-sized electronic toy with a rotating blaster that says snarky phrases (not in the voice of Bradley Cooper, though), which you can see demonstrated in the video below:

More Hasbro Guardians of the Galaxy Toys!One of the sometimes frustrating things about Hasbro is that they sometimes intersperse their lines featuring likenesses from upcoming movies with stuff from the comics and that's definitely the case with the Marvel Legends line, which includes figures of the Cosmic Iron Man who teamed up with the Guardians in the comics as well as the Nova figure, which we stress are from the comics and probably won't appear in the upcoming movie.

Hasbro are trying something a little different with Guardians by doing a 2.5" line, and as one might expect, the "build-a-figure" for the 1st Wave of the Guardians of the Galaxy line will allow those who get all the individual figures a chance to build their own 9" Groot.

You can see our pictures of all the new toys below.

Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1, but you can get all of the cool toys from Hasbro starting on June 28.

Look for more picture galleries with pictures of the toys and action figures from the 7th Annual Hasbro Collectors Fan Event over the course of the next few days including more Transformers, Star Wars and of course more Marvel movie-related toys!

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