Warner Bros. Animation to Release Three DC Animated Films a Year

“This will definitely be the first salvo in doing new movies that are in continuity with each other,” James Tucker, producer of ‘Justice League: War.’ Our next movie’s going to be ‘Son of Batman,’ and that Batman will be the same Batman that you see in ‘Justice League: War.’ Basically, we’ll have two concurrent series of Justice League movies and Batman movies, and they’ll be in continuity with each other. So it’s kind of world-building.”

Tucker continued that while these plans are of course “subject to change,” their current strategy is to release two “in continuity” films a year with a third out of continuity film to follow. This year’s out of continuity film? Batman: Assault on Arkham, directed by Jay Olive and set in the world of the popular “Arkham” games.

Oliva also commented on the potential stories for the films saying: “We can do original content, we can do New 52 stuff. I still want to do ‘Gotham by Gaslight.’ ‘Red Son’ would be a great one to do as a one-off.”​

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