Warner Bros. Animation to Release Three DC Animated Films a Year

justice league war 22The most recent animated DC film, Justice League: War, will be officially released tomorrow, and should it prove popular with fans, it's going to be the start of a long chain of interwoven DC animated films. Speaking with CBR, Justice League: War producer James Tucker had this to say about the start of their new "shared universe" animated movies.

"This will definitely be the first salvo in doing new movies that are in continuity with each other," James Tucker, producer of 'Justice League: War.' Our next movie's going to be 'Son of Batman,' and that Batman will be the same Batman that you see in 'Justice League: War.' Basically, we'll have two concurrent series of Justice League movies and Batman movies, and they'll be in continuity with each other. So it's kind of world-building."

Tucker continued that while these plans are of course "subject to change," their current strategy is to release two "in continuity" films a year with a third out of continuity film to follow. This year's out of continuity film? Batman: Assault on Arkham, directed by Jay Olive and set in the world of the popular "Arkham" games.

Oliva also commented on the potential stories for the films saying: "We can do original content, we can do New 52 stuff. I still want to do 'Gotham by Gaslight.' 'Red Son' would be a great one to do as a one-off."​

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