Marvel Brings Back Iron Fist for New Ongoing Comic Series

Marvel Comics has announced yet another new title for their All-New Marvel NOW! initiative and it’s one we can definitely get behind, Iron Fist! Danny Rand will return to his own ongoing comic series this spring which will be written and drawn by Kaare Andrews.

“I have two intentions with this project,” Andrews said. “The first is to tell a bare bones story that does not impede itself with the layers and layers of continuity that Iron Fist has become enriched with. The second, and more important, is to reach into the core of the character and re-explore who Danny Rand is. Reinvention through core exploration.”

Andrews continued saying the new series will go back to the roots of Danny Rand and his quest for vengeance.

“The defining aspect of Danny Rand is the loss of a father and a quest for honor and vengeance. Yet, these are themes that haven’t been explored again since his origin story back in the 70s. We need to bring Danny back to this state of blind rage and self-destruction. Remember – this is a man who traded immortality for vengeance. And the consequences of that are what I’m most interested in.”

Check out a preview of Andrew’s art for “Iron Fist: The Living Weapon” below. Will you be picking up the series when it debuts?

Iron Fist will also be making his live action debut on Netflix in 2015 in his own TV series alongside Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

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