Warren Ellis Reviving Moon Knight for All-New Marvel NOW!

Hero Complex has just revealed the latest series getting revived for All-New Marvel NOW! and it’s none other than Moon Knight! Transmetropolitan scribe Warren Ellis will write the new series with artist Declan Shalvey (“Deadpool”) providing pencils.

“The man is demented in more interesting ways than I think Batman ever was,” Ellis said. “[His] cape is actually a crescent moon and he goes out only at night and dresses in reflective white so you can see him coming. Now that’s nuts…. I like that.”

Ellis says that his new series will bring Moon Knight back to New York City, having ventured off to Los Angeles for his last comic book run, and will focus on telling stories around the character instead of directly about the character. In addition, he also mentions “weird crime,” whatever that means.

“The best Moon Knight stories for me were always ground-level but weird crime,” he said. “‘Weird crime’ has kind of been the touchstone for me for this revival.”

Moon Knight #1 will debut in March of 2014, will you be picking it up? Sound off and check out some artwork for the series below!