J. Michael Straczynski Says ‘Marvel Is Kicking DC’s Clock’

“I’ve talked to the people at Warner Brothers and said “What is wrong with you people?” They think that they have a very narrow bench – Superman, Batman and then nobody else. We’re trying to get them to understand that we have a really good bench of characters if you treat them properly.”

Straczynski has suggestions for them too, and being a television and film writer himself maybe they should let him work on one of these projects.

“I would love to see the Flash. Ever see The Man With The X-Ray Eyes? There’s a scientist in pursuit of knowledge and information and receives this power and uses it to try and see deeper and deeper what’s going on on the physical scale and the metaphysical scale, trying to burrow through to the core of the universe to understand things better. Make it obsessive like that I think you could make a really good film about the Flash.”

“There’s a fan made trailer for Wonder Woman online. Have you all seen that? Is that not well done? And that’s what the Wonder Woman film should be. If you treated the Wonder Woman film the way we treated the Thor movie with some seriousness and also focus on her family you’d get a really good film out of that.”
Straczynski also had some criticism on Man of Steel.
“I thought that it had one fight more than it should have had. And it was a good movie that could have been a great movie had they put more time in on the characters. IN the end, I don’t care how good your effects are or the battles or the CGI, if we don’t care about the characters you got nothing and nowhere to go.”
Currently Warner Bros.’ only announced plan for the future of DC on film is the highly anticipated Superman vs. Batman, starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, which is set for release on July 17,2015. Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara has also said previously that the “foundation” for their annual slate of films will likely be from DC Entertainment.
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