NYCC: New Punisher, Elektra, New Warriors and Captain Marvel Comics Announced

As New York Comic Con wraps up, one wouldn’t expect Marvel to have more announcements up their sleeves, but they did. At the “Spider-Man and Friends” panel came the announcement of four new comic series for the All-New Marvel NOW!

The first comic announced is a relaunch of the now very popular Captain Marvel with returning writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist David Lopez. When describing the series, DeConnick said, “We are taking Captain Marvel into space in a Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers kind of way.”

The second announced comic was a new Elektra series from writer Zeb Wells and artist Mike Del Mundo. Wells says Elektra will be alone on her journey in the series and describes her as becoming “the Dexter of assassins.”

The third announcement of the panel was a new Punisher series from “Who Is Jake Ellis?” writer Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads. Unlike previous Punisher stories, this new series will see Frank headed out to the West Coast, convinced that he’s found the “head of the snake” in terms of crime.

The final, and potentially most exciting announcement, was the reveal of a New Warriors relaunch from Chris Yost and Marcus To. The line-up for the new team will consist of Justice, Speedball, Sun Girl, Scarlet Spider and Nova! 

Check out cover art for all these new titles below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments!