Kim Jee-Woon Directing Adaptation of Ed Brubaker’s Coward

Here’s the official description for the comic:

“Coward is the story of Leo, a professional pickpocket who is also a legendary heist-planner and thief. But there’s a catch with Leo, he won’t work any job that he doesn’t call all the shots on, he won’t allow guns, and the minute things turn south, he’s looking for any exit that won’t land him in prison. But when he’s lured into a risky heist, all his rules go out the window, and he ends up on the run from the cops and the bad men who double-crossed him. Now Leo must come face-to-face with the violence he’s kept bottled up inside for 20 years, and nothing will ever be the same for him again.”

Created by Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips, Criminal has won seveal Eisner Awards throughout its lifetime. Check back here for more news on the film as we learn it.