More Comics for All-New Marvel NOW! Teased Online

Update: Marvel has now added four more teasers to the ever growing list. Check them out below starting with “Trust.”

Last week, we accumulated all of Marvel’s latest comic teasers for the All-New Marvel NOW! initiative and let you all begin your speculation, and now even more have made their way online.

With these new teasers we’re beginning to think that not all of these are for new series. Some of them might just be for new story arcs and jumping on points in comics that are currently being published. For example: the “Sinners” teaser with writer Charles Soule and the “Global” tease from Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer both appear to be teasing the books those creators are currently writing: Thunderbolts and Avengers. Some of them, on the other hand, do appear to be for new series, such as the “Assassin” teaser from Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo which we think is for the new The Winter Soldier series.

What do you think of the new teasers? What characters do you think they’re teasing? Sound off below!