Marvel Announces All-New Marvel NOW with New Comic Series

We’ve known for some time that this December would see the relaunch of the Inhumans comics with writer Matt Fraction at the helm, but what we didn’t know was that this December would also bring “Phase 2” in Marvel’s Marvel NOW relaunch campaign. What began last fall with new comic series and starting points for many of Marvel’s most popular titles, the publisher is introducing a point for new readers to jump onto the current ongoing titles and even start fresh with some new ones (via USA Today).

The first of the new titles is the aforementioned Inhuman by Matt Fraction with artist Joe Madureira, but the other is a brand new series from writer James Robinson with artist Steven Pugh titled All-New Invaders. This series will feature the lineup of Captain America,  the original Human Torch, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.

They answered America’s call, went to war against the Nazi menace and fought side by side. These guys were brothers-in-arms,” Robinson said of the new series. “As they move into more modern dramas, that link is a link you just can’t undo. That will hopefully be the visceral element of this books’ identity that will set it apart from the Avengers and X-Men.”

In addition to the two new series, with more on the way including Black Widow and Silver Surfer, Marvel will be introducing jumping on points to all of their other series in the form of “.Now” issues and some series will include digital codes for previous issues to further catch up readers. The first to introduce a new jumping on point is Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers #24.NOW which begins the next big storyline titled “Rogue Planet.”

Which of these comics do you think you’ll pick up in December? Sound off below!