DC Unveils the ‘New’ Lobo

If you’ve been keeping up with DC Comics since The New 52 began, you’ll know that the character Lobo has appeared a handful of times, namely in a story arc in the Deathstroke series. The character is set to make an appearance next month in Justice League as part of “Villains Month,” but there’s a catch….it’s not the same Lobo. DC revealed today that the Lobo that has previously appeared in the New 52 comics was an imposter and that the real Lobo is here to take him out.

“The Lobo you’ve seen so far in the New 52 is not who you think he is. In this one-shot, you’ll be introduced to the real Lobo. A ruthless killer, Lobo is on a quest to kill the man who has taken his name. This Lobo is equal parts strong, vicious, and driven. There’s a darker and more logical idea about what a force of nature like him is capable of. After all, this is someone who can infiltrate high society, fly a space ship, and adhere to a very specific moral code that’s not your typical anti-hero one.”
Check out some concept art for the character below and be sure to grab Justice League #23.2 for the Lobo one shot.