Arrow Producer Teases Season 2 Easter Egg

The CW’s hit series Arrow is no stranger to DCU Easter eggs. From a Blüdhaven reference in one episode to an appearance by the Royal Flush Gang, it’s had some obvious and obscure material for fans hidden in its episodes. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed something today that will make an appearance in the upcoming second season of the series and once again hints at the larger DC universe.

In the image below you’ll find a mock-up for a van that is set to appear in one of the new episodes and it has the logo for “Metamorpho Chemical” along the side. This of course is a reference to Rex Mason aka The Element Man/Metamorpho. It seems unlikely that the character will appear with his shapeshifting abilities, but with Barry Allen (The Flash) set to appear in three episodes, star Colton Haynes teasing the formation of a team, and the new tagline reading “City of Heroes,” it’s not completely out of the question.

Arrow season 2 premieres on Wednesday, October 9th. What other DC characters are you hoping to see in the new season?